ONE VISION 2020-24
Alperia’s new Strategic Plan

The Management and Supervisory Board of Alperia S.p.A. have approved One Vision 2020-24, the Alperia Strategic Plan that embodies the visions of the Management, the Boards and shareholders and that will usher the Group to 2024, combining sustainability objectives with a significant growth of all the Business Units.

The year 2020 marks an epoch-making moment of introspection that is leading the world to speed up the pace on issues of sustainability, multi-channel services and customer centeredness that will be the cornerstones of Alperia's strategy in the coming years.

In particular, One Vision forecasts that Group EBITDA will grow by approximately 130 million euros by 2024, equally distributed between organic and inorganic investment initiatives.

Our values guide the Group's strategy

The coming years will be essential to review many energy consumption habits also leveraging the important resources that the European Commission and the national government plan on allocating for this purpose.
The role of Alperia in the energy transition can be appreciated by the investments of the Business Unit Smart Region through which we will generate more than 120 MW of new renewable power in over 5,000 installations with a total saving of 228 kton of avoided CO2 emissions.

“One Vision”, Alperia's second business plan, will lead us to 2024. With One Vision we aim to secure Alperia’s role as partner of choice for our customers to achieve our ambitious energy transition goals."

-Johann Wohlfarter, CEO Alperia Group

The growth areas of the 5 Business Units:


This is the Group's leading business unit in terms of margins and invested capital and is the strong point of the current portfolio of activities.


Edyna is the Alperia Group’s distribution company. The electricity distribution network extends over 8,700 km, distributing over 2.5 TWh of electricity.

Sales and Trading

Alperia is enabling new business models to communicate with customers through digital channels and reimagining the role of physical channels.

Heat and Service

Alperia operates six district heating systems in South Tyrol. A network of more than 125 km guarantees the supply of a quarter of the thermal energy produced in South Tyrol.



Smart Region

Smart Region is promoting a series of high-tech initiatives for cities and citizens by strengthening its positioning on condominiums, Public Administration, Healthcare and smart services.