Alperia acquires Fintel Gas & Luce and Fintel Reti strengthening its retail positioning in Lombardy and central Italy

The transaction will expand Alperia's customer portfolio and territorial presence in Lombardy and central Italy.

Today the agreement for the acquisition of 90% of the share capital of Fintel Gas e Luce S.r.l. and Fintel Reti S.r.l. from Fintel Energia Group S.p.A. was finalised. With this acquisition, Alperia continues to establish its roots outside the Autonomous Province of Bolzano in the end-customer sales sector. In addition to the Veneto region, where the opening of sales stores and acquisition channels aimed at the residential segment has already been underway for some time, the transaction finalized today adds a further step in the growth of sales stores and retail and small business customers in Lombardy and central Italy.

The acquisition of the two companies, thanks to their complementarity with Alperia Smart Services both in terms of geographical coverage and sales channels, will allow to quickly seize growth opportunities both in terms of volumes and customers for electricity and natural gas commodities, and in terms of services related to the ongoing energy transition driven by tax incentives.

The transaction will enable the company to expand its portfolio with approximately 30,000 customers, mainly concentrated in the residential market (domestic and small business customers), and a sales network consisting of 12 directly managed customer desks, 3 agency desks and 25 corner shops. The agreements also include the possibility for Alperia to acquire the remaining 10% of the share capital of the two companies over the next 3 years.

This transaction confirms Alperia's role in consolidating the energy sales and services market to accelerate the energy transition of its customers.

Giovanni Filippi, Chief Operating Officer of Alperia Smart Services: "With the acquisition of Fintel Gas & Luce and Fintel Reti, Alperia's position as a national operator is strengthened by expanding not only our customer base but also our physical sales network in areas complementary to those in which we already operate. We are looking carefully at growth in Lombardy and central Italy, applying the successful scheme already started with the growth in Veneto that began with the acquisition of Alperia SUM and the subsequent consolidation of our presence through the opening of physical points of sale".