We guarantee safe, efficient power from the producer to your home.


The power grid connects energy producers with consumers, i.e., the user. In South Tyrol, Edyna, an associate company of Alperia, manages a low-, medium- and high-voltage grid of about 8,778 km, with the relevant systems and infrastructures, providing electricity to municipalities in South Tyrol. Edyna also manages a natural gas network, 113 km long, in the municipality of Merano, public lighting in Merano and Bolzano, and 24 charging points for electric vehicles throughout South Tyrol.

Edyna was established on 1 July 2016 from a merger between SELNET and Azienda Energetica Reti, to guarantee safe, efficient electricity supplies in South Tyrol. The electricity distribution system is in fact increasingly complex and flexible. Users are increasingly becoming producers who obtain small amounts of energy from different power sources. The intention is to put these amounts into the local power grid. The electricity distributor must be able to respond to these developments, making available a stable and above all, efficient grid. The power company, Edyna will continue in the future to make significant investments to keep the grid in line with the times and to install efficient, innovative solutions.

Free phone lines in case of technical failures or emergency situations:

Electricity faults: 800 550 522
Gas network faults: 800 310 650

Safety is our responsibility

Edyna, through its remote control centre in Bolzano, constantly ensures the regular operation of its power supplies. The remote control centre monitors and manages the power grid, guaranteeing a safe and secure distribution service. Thanks to the remote control system, the grids are monitored in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making it possible to intervene with the utmost rapidity in the case of anomalies or problems. 

Even telephone service calls are managed by a 24-hour emergency service, with bilingual operators and immediate intervention by technical engineers in situ or dispatched directly from the remote management service.

Intelligent grid

Electricity distribution is transforming quickly and the grid of the future needs to learn to think. Intelligent power grids are the answer: so-called smart grids, where production, storage, grid management and consumption are part of a single system, and the electricity supply reaches higher efficiency levels. Alperia is already working on this new technology, playing its part in creating the roadmap for energy’s future.