Hydroelectric energy: clean energy from our mountains

Energy has been bubbling out of the mountains of South Tyrol for thousands of years.
And we can use it for the future: from nature, for nature.

Hydroelectric energy is one of the most important sources of renewable energy. It has no negative effects on the climate, it is efficient, and particularly suited to South Tyrol, which, due to its mountain landscape and central position in the Alps is perfect for the exploitation of this source for the production of clean energy. 


Alperia manages 34 hydroelectric power stations in South Tyrol, producing an average of some 4,500 GWh of clean energy every year. In this way, Alperia guarantees a supply of sustainable energy and at the same time, it is shaping future energy for South Tyrol.

By focusing on eco-friendly energy produced in hydroelectric power stations, it is possible to cut back production from thermal power plants, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

Our hydroelectric power stations

Alperia manages 34 large and small hydroelectric power stations in South Tyrol, some in conjunction with local partners and municipalities. Most of the power stations are certified: they produce 100% green energy without producing CO2.

Environmental plans: responsibility for nature

Safeguarding nature and the countryside are among the priorities of Alperia, since we are aware that without them, we cannot exist. To cut the impact of producing hydroelectric energy on the environment, Alperia is committed to investing around 400 million euros over some 30 years in interventions for the improvement and conservation of the countryside and environment in the affected municipalities.

These environmental plans are an essential element of the permits for the large-scale hydroelectric power stations, obtained in 2011 by SE Hydropower and Hydros, two of Alperia’s associated companies.