Alperia Smart Mobility. We create energy out of nature and this will take us into the future.

We are constantly working on energy developments in the area, seeking increasingly greater independence from fossil fuels. And this is why we promote electric mobility in South Tyrol, acting to guide the development of infrastructures and promote E-mobility

Choosing to drive an electric car with Alperia Smart Mobility means travelling in a completely eco-friendly manner and not only does this have zero carbon footprint and reduce noise emissions, it uses the clean energy from 100% renewable sources. All-round completely green mobility.

We currently manage 40 charging points throughout South Tyrol and using the Alperia E-mobility card, it is possible to charge vehicles quickly and cost effectively without any kind of fixed charge.

You can obtain your E-Mobility Prepaid card at South Tyrol’s main tourist offices or pay directly at the charging station by credit card or a PayPal account through the QR-code.