We are a 100% sustainable green tech company providing energy services: we produce energy from renewable sources and manage the electricity grid, deal with district heating systems, we are gradually moving towards the energy transition, we take care of energy sales and e-mobility, support smart energy and innovative environmental projects.

We see ourselves as explorers ready to seize opportunities and face every sustainability challenge with enthusiasm: we wear comfortable shoes to walk along the most difficult trails, we always carry a rucksack to keep our origins and South Tyrol in mind.

To us, clean energy is a simple and affordable matter that is within everyone's reach right now: with our work, we want to change people's present and help them live a greener, more environmentally-friendly life. We act for the future today, to give the new generations a greener tomorrow and a beautiful planet to live in.

Alperia in numbers

Hydroelectric power stations operated in South Tyrol
District heating plants providing heat
0 Km
Extent of electricity grid over which we have jurisdiction
Customers to whom we supply energy
People working with us at Alperia
Charging points distributed throughout the territory

We are green, for real

When we say that we are green, we’re not lying: we only produce and supply our customers with green energy, derived from renewable sources, thus generating long-term harmony between humanity and the ecosystem.

We are an active part in the energy transition process, we want to be today’s leaders in a positive drive to build a cleaner world, free from consumption and waste.

Our certifications speak for us.

esg identity
tuv nord
Certificazione Alperia green energy

Company structure

In addition to the holding, the following six business units were established; more than 25 Alperia subsidiaries and affiliates were then incorporated into them:



Hydrodata SpA:

  • Alperia Innoveering Srl
  • Art Srl
  • JPE 2010
  • Alpen 2.0 Srl
  • Balma Srl


Alperia Greenpower srl:

  • Alperia Vipower SpA
  • SF Energy Srl
  • Azienda Elettrica Campo Tures società consortile arl
  • Enerpass società consortile arl
  • Centrale Elettrica Moso società consortile arl
vendita e trading


  • Alperia Smart Services Srl
  • Fintel Gas e Luce Srl
Trading Alperia


  • Alperia Trading Srl


  • Edyna Srl
  • Edyna Transmission Srl
calore e servizi

Heat & Services

  • Alperia Ecoplus Srl
  • Teleriscaldamento Silandro Srl
  • IIT Bolzano società consortile Srl
  • Bio.Te.Ma Srl (in liquidazione)
  • Biopower Sardegna Srl

Medgas Italia srl:

  • LNG MedGas Terminal Srl
smart region

Smart Region

  • Neogy

Alperia Green Future Srl:

  • Bluepower Connection Srl (in liquidazione)
  • Solar Total Italia Srl
  • Care4U Srl