Respecting the environment, creating value for local areas and people, and contributing to the energy transition have always been our priorities. We remain faithful to this choice by providing clean energy from renewable sources, by making our production processes efficient and by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions.

We support the people who work with us and the communities around us, building together a fairer and greener future for all.

The following are the milestones in our journey towards sustainability:


First Sustainability Plan

Since its creation, the Group has been implementing a sustainability management system and promoting a green culture.


Issue of the first Green Bond

The issue was aimed at financing the acquisition of hydroelectric power plants.


Sustainability Programme 2017 – 2021

Alperia adopted its first Sustainability Plan for the 2017-2021 period, setting out its environmental, social and economic sustainability goals. The plan was approved by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board


Publication of the first Sustainability Report for 2017

In order to better monitor the progress of projects, we created a Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Committee (CSR Steering Committee) involving the managers of all departments and key people from each Business Unit.


Introduction of a Group-wide sustainability policy


Risk Management

Establishment of an integrated Risk Management Policy which also considers environmental and social risks.


Integrated Business Plan

Structured integration of sustainability into the Business Plan and inclusion of indicators for the UN SDGs


offsetting operational emissions

From 2020 we offset our operational emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) and have set ourselves the target of reducing emissions by 46% by 2027 and 70% by 2031 (compared to 2021) to finally reach Net Zero by 2040.


Science Based Targets

Signing up to Science Based Targets, resulting in a commitment to science-aligned emission reduction targets in terms of climate change mitigation.


Conclusion of the first five-year sustainability period

In 2021, our first Sustainability Plan came to an end and we achieved results that make us proud. Many of these have been achieved thanks to our investments in innovation, the support of our stakeholders, and the determination with which, every year, we ensure that we keep our plants up-to-date and reliable, developing more energy-efficient solutions


New Sustainability Plan 2022-2027

We have set sustainability targets for the next five years – because we have done a lot, but we want to do even more.

Sustainability program 2022 - 2027

Sustainability program 2022 - 2027