We want to guide and accompany you through an energy transition process that includes an increasingly clean and responsible use of energy.

Our history at a glance

Diga di (manca nome)

Foundation of Alperia (from the merger of SEL and AEW)


Publication of the Group's first Sustainability Report


Sustainability issues are methodically integrated into our 2020-2024 One Vision Business Plan (including the United Nations’ SDG indicators)


Achievement of carbon neutral operational emissions (Scope 1 and 2)


Foundation of Alperia Green Future (which incorporates Alperia Bartucci and Green Power Group)

Our numbers

Hydroelectric power stations operated in South Tyrol
District heating plants providing heat
0 km
Extent of electricity grid over which we have jurisdiction
Customers to whom we supply energy
People working with us at Alperia
Charging points distributed throughout the territory

In 2020

-2,162 kt of CO2 equivalent

By 2024

🡪 -303 kt of CO2equivalent, reaching CARBON NEUTRALITY and contributing to the objectives of the South Tyrol 2050 Climate Energy Plan.

Our green energy

We are naturally clean and so is the energy we offer:


We operate 34 hydroelectric power plants in South Tyrol, which produce about 4,500 GWh of 100% green electricity every year thanks to the power of our mountain water.


District Heating

Thanks to our 6 district heating plants in South Tyrol, we are able to avoid the emission of thousands of tons of CO2 every year, relying on a sustainable system that makes us breathe cleaner air.


A sustainable vision

One Vision is our Strategic Plan guiding us to 2024, combining sustainability goals with a significant growth of all our business units. The Plan integrates the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the commitment to allocate 80% of planned investments to achieve at least 10 SDGs. This is a significant commitment and a firm stance on the issue of sustainability, which has always been central to Alperia.

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Our innovative approach

To us, being sustainable means being innovative and really plan for the future.

Nowadays, energy provision is increasingly faster and forward-looking and we want to be part of this innovative energy drive, too.

To this end, our current and constant goal is to have innovation drive our energy production, also thanks to our cutting-edge technical skills.

With the acquisition, in October 2020, of a majority share in Hydrodata S.p.A., we have consolidated our internal structure and know-how in the field of technical services, started with the establishment of an Innovation Board in 2017.

Hydrodata is one of the leading companies for technical consulting in Italy, and has been developing and offering engineering services, technical-economic consulting and applied research in the field of water resource management since its foundation

These are the numbers that tell the story of our commitment to Innovation:

0 mln
in R&D activities
0 mln
in innovation, digitalisation and business development
0 %
employees of the Group involved in innovation projects