The international geo-political context, the evolution of the climate emergency, the need for greater energy autonomy and the increase in social responsibility have pushed governments to redefine their priorities, including reaching Net Zero by 2050.

Alperia, in turn, has reformulated its growth and sustainability objectives, focusing on using science-based targets to reduce its emissions, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 in line with South Tyrol's sustainable development objectives.

In addition, Alperia is moving towards fully integrating ESG objectives into its business strategies, combining effective management of social and environmental impact issues with the growth objectives of all Business Units, which will result in group EBITDA growth of up to €300 million by 2027.

Our pillars:


Alperia's priorities are: reducing emissions in line with territorial objectives, generating added value to the territory (Net Zero by 2040), adopting inclusion, equity & diversity policies and creating an integrated governance model to transform the Group's main companies into Benefit Companies and obtain an ESG rating.


Alperia intends to strengthen its business in South Tyrol and in all the territories it currently serves by consolidating its financial exposure. This also includes the consolidation of its product and service portfolio and the formal establishment of a sustainable finance framework aimed at consolidating its capital structure.


Alperia intends to develop its business in line with the energy transition. Key to this will be transforming the value proposition of commodity sales and services to follow sustainable and customer-centric principles. In general, Alperia intends to pursue widespread innovation in its core businesses and develop new businesses for decarbonisation (H2, biomethane, CER and photovoltaics).

From words to actions

0   Bln €
of total investments until 2027, with a focus on economic and social impacts across local territories
0   Mio €
of investments in the Group's traditional sectors: hydroelectric generation, distribution and district heating
0   Mio €
EBITDA in 2027
0 %
70% emission reduction by 2031 with offsetting of non-avoidable emissions and Net Zero by 2040
0   Mio €
for energy-transition measures to increase buildings’ energy efficiency
0   RECs
Renewable energy communities set up by 2027

The agreed objectives will be implemented in the individual BUs through a range of priorities and actions to support growth:

Generation BU

This is the Group's leading Business Unit in terms of margins and invested capital and is the best performing Unit in the current business portfolio. 

The Plan sets out the following activities and strategic priorities:

- Task force for the renewal of the expiring concessions

- Maintenance and modernisation of hydroelectric plants to protect existing capacity

- Initiation of projects on pumping systems and development of electrochemical/hydrogen storage systems

- Increasing capacity of photovoltaic plants

Grids BU

Alperia operates an electricity distribution grid (high, medium and low voltage) of more than 9.000 km, with a total of over 2.9 TWh distributed. Edyna, the Group's distribution company and one of the largest national distributors, is one of the first operators to have introduced the new generation of metering systems in Italy.

The Industrial Plan sets out the following goals for the Grids BU:

- Disposals already formalised: Dobbiaco, San Candido, Villabassa

- Divestments being formalised: San Martino, San Leonardo in Passiria

- Distribution grid acquisition in Mareta (Val Ridanna)

- Conclusion of tension unification process

- Maintenance of a high quality of service, also thanks to the contribution of the burying of lines and the continuous increase in automation in the electrical substations

- Objective of reducing CO2 emissions by lowering grid losses, increasing hosting capacity and unification of the medium-voltage grid

- Grid reinforcement in connection with the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games

- Push on installation of 2G meters

- Receipt of €18.7 million in PNRR funds

Sales and Trading BU

Alperia is enabling new business models to help customers interface with digital channels and revisiting the role of physical channels.

Specifically, the Industrial Plan sets out:

- Significant growth of the customer base (+273k) compared to 2022, through a push into the retail and SME market

- Gradual participation in auctions

- Area strategy focused on South Tyrol and neighbouring regions

- Maintaining multi-channel strategy

- 100% green "shelf" products (power and gas)

Heat and Services BU

Alperia operates seven district heating systems in the South Tyrolean territory, including plants in the cities of Bolzano and Merano. The development of a network of more than 125 km ensures the supply of a quarter of the thermal energy produced in South Tyrol. Alperia Ecoplus is one of the largest national operators with about 276 GWht produced and distributed.

The strategic priorities for the BU will focus on:

- Increase in thermal energy sold through expansion of existing networks, new plants and acquisitions

- Construction of 6 new plants, 3 of which are biomass plants

- Investments for the acquisition of 2 biomass plants

- Feasibility analysis for the use of deep geothermal energy

- Obtaining PNRR funds

Smart Region BU

Smart Region is the Group’s BU promoting the energy transition through high-tech solutions and applications for companies, cities and citizens by strengthening its positioning with industries, SMEs, condominiums, the public administration, healthcare and smart services for citizens and cities. Interesting initiatives are being developed to provide services at the vanguard of market trends. Incentives for increasing home efficiency (e.g., “110% Superbonus”) have already yielded significant market returns with strong growth in the portfolio of opportunities. Also relevant and important is the role of Neogy, a leading national operator in electric mobility for public charging points, and Care4u, a company operating in the field of smart health solutions.

In particular, the BU will focus on these initiatives:

- Entering the public administration sector to make the most of AGF's know-how

- Find a financial partner and exploit PNRR resources and structural funds to reduce AGF's direct exposure in CAPEX

- Become a key player in the energy management of energy-hungry public facilities

"This is Alperia's third industrial plan, which will take us up to 2027. We have also set ourselves a vision for 2031 that outlines our medium- to long-term path, in accordance with national and local strategic plans. With this plan we intend to make South Tyrol an example of best practice in sustainability and innovation, while also taking any opportunities offered by the energy sector on a national scale". Luis Amort, General Director of the Alperia Group