Our commitment is also inspired by our wealth of water resources and by the mountainous nature of the territory where the first large hydroelectric plants were founded, first of all the one in Tel, opened in 1898: the oldest one in South Tyrol.

Thus, thanks to the power of our mountains, we can focus on future energies with zero environmental impact as well as on a responsible climate strategy.

Reterete elettrica nazionale

Energia 100% Green Certificata

Esiste una “denominazione di origine e provenienza” che certifichi la natura dell’energia acquistata e consumata. In Italia facciamo riferimento ai certificati elettronici GO che vengono rilasciati dal GSE – il Gestore dei Servizi Energetici, società controllata dal Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze che svolge un ruolo centrale nell'incentivazione e nello sviluppo delle fonti rinnovabili - per attestare l’origine rinnovabile delle fonti utilizzate dagli impianti qualificati IGO (identificazione degli impianti alimentati da fonti rinnovabili). Per saperne di più: www.alperia.eu/it/magazine

Our climate strategy

We want to commit to reducing emissions by 46% by 2027, 70% by 2031 with offsetting of non-avoidable emissions and achieving Net Zero by 2040.
To reach this goal, we have defined a veritable climate strategy that includes the following three steps:

Calculation of emissions produced

Definition of targeted and innovative actions for energy reduction and efficiency

Offsetting of remaining emissions (Scope 1 and 2) through climate protection programmes

In fact, all our actions are driven by the aim to achieve a balance between financial goals and our connection with the territory, technology and the environment, efficiency and environmental and social responsibility, so as to make a sustainable energy future truly happen. .

What we do

We like to focus on the concrete side of our commitment, which can be expressed in numbers:

power stations in South Tyrol
0 %
green energy (certified*)
0 M
total avoided emissions in tonnes of CO2
0 %
of total energy produced
power stations (Bolzano, Merano, Verano, Silandro, Sesto, Chiusa e Lazfons)
tons of CO2 in a year (from the Bolzano power station)
0 %
of required heat, thanks to the Bolzano power station
tons of CO2 per year (approximately equal to the CO2 absorption of a 5 km2 forest), thanks to the Merano power station

Our focus on biodiversity

The dams needed by hydroelectric plants can disrupt or prevent the distribution and migration of fish. To avoid this, not only do we adopt preventive actions and comply with regulations, but we also invest in technological innovation to find the best solutions to protect biodiversity and act responsibly for the territory. Indeed, our goal is to minimise the impact of hydroelectric plants on nature and the environment and actively protect the biological diversity of waterways.

Green future

Alperia Green Gas: for a 100% green future

Alperia Green Gas is our natural gas offering, so customers can make a more informed choice, and is aimed at people who want to contribute to a better future using climate-neutral certified gas.

In fact, through this offering we are committing to offset the amount of CO₂ produced through targeted investments in projects dedicated to the safeguard of the environment, thus counterbalancing the amount of CO2 generated.

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Our projects

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Greater respect for resources for sustainable cultivation and to ensure the quality and volume of harvests.

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Hydrosim 4.0

Reducing the peak flow rate downstream of the weir, thus helping to protect the region.

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Startup Factory

Finding the most innovative solutions in the energy sector and stimulating research and experimentation in this field.

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