At Alperia, we have always focussed on innovation because we believe it is the key to a sustainable future. This is why we take an innovative approach to our development, enabling us to meet our sustainability commitments.

A few years ago we took a further step, giving shape and substance to this approach by integrating it as a pillar of the Group's strategy with its own governance, organisational structure, dedicated processes and an increasingly strong and engaging identity.

A formal team and structured Innovation governance allows us to embed and spread an innovative culture within the Group, with a positive impact on all Business Units and organisational units.

Our open innovation model

In 2017, the Innovation Board was established within the Group, with the Innovation Decision Committee coordinating the entire assessment process for individual innovation initiatives.

The model we have adopted is an Open Innovation model under which the Group works with local and international partners from science and industry, including research institutes (e.g. Eurac Research; IDM Alto Adige; Laimburg, Beratungsring, the Free University of Bolzano, EIT Digital, EIT Innovation hub, the latter European organisations for digital innovation and business education, supported by the European Commission), companies and startups

Our main innovation drivers focus on priority areas for our business strategy, such as digitisation and Customer Engagement, supported by enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Big Data; Internet of things; Blockchain.

Our Digital Transformation process is entering an increasingly advanced stage, as demonstrated by the development of ambitious initiatives such as the launch of the:

Digital Lab:
a newly established team working with Business Innovation to investigate the feasibility of innovative ideas, guiding the most promising ones towards the production stage; and

Data Platform:
which allows data in the cloud to be cross-referenced to develop predictive analytics and renders the data increasingly valuable to support business decisions;

The 3 pillars of innovation

Alperia’s Innovation Ecosystem is based on 3 pillars:


Our commitments

Our commitments are organised in three macro-types:

Collaborative research projects

to explore future business opportunities and be ready for long-term market developments (Horizon 2020 Flexi Grid Project; Storage4Grid Project)


to build a culture of innovation and promote forms of open innovation in collaboration with startups or through internal entrepreneurship projects (Alperia Startup factory; Verbund X Accelerator, EIT Disrupt Me!)

Products for the market

to consolidate our market position in the core businesses and improve our positioning in adjacent markets (MyHome; SmartLand; Rockethome)

Our Innovation figures 2020-2024

0 M €
investiment in Open innovation initiatives
Active innovative projects
PM with innovation projects active in the group

Our projects


Startup Factory

Our competition to reward the best innovation projects for the multi-utility sector.

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Hydrosim 4.0

Using Artificial Intelligence for preventive and calculated dam control in the event of floods.

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