One Vision 2020-24, is our Strategic Plan, shared by Management, Boards and shareholders, which will guide the Group towards 2024 by combining sustainability goals with a significant growth of all our business units. The Plan entails a Group EBITDA growth of over €260 million by 2024, equally distributed between organic and external investment initiatives.

The energy transition can no longer be postponed and we, as a Group, want to be at the forefront, in order to lead our customers through a responsible transformation process that will benefit our planet thanks to green energy.

To this end, the theme of sustainability has become key to us and a cohesive and single vision (One Vision) permeates all our business units.

From words to deeds

0 bln €
of total investments by 2024
0 kton
additional savings of CO2 avoided
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of investments addressed to at leasts 10 UN Sustainability Goals (UN SDGs)
0 mln
of investments in the energy updating of buildings

“One Vision is Alperia's second Strategic Plan, which will guide us towards 2024. With One Vision, we will position Alperia as a reliable and safe leading partner supporting our customers in the achievement of the ambitious energy transition goals. "
Johann Wohlfarter, General Manager of the Alperia Group

The three pillars on which One Vision rests are:

Customer Centrality

Providing increasingly efficient, secure, accessible and cutting-edge services and enabling new business models (physical and digital channels)

Energy Transition

Offering 100% green energy services, leading customers towards a full energy transition.

Territorial Aggregation

Building new partnerships and consolidating relationships with stakeholders with the aim of strategic expansion.