We are one of the most prominent companies for green energy in Italy and, indeed, we focus all our efforts on building a greener, smarter future.
This is why we think of ourselves as naturally clean.

In 2020, we incorporated the goal of consolidating Alperia’s integrated governance into our new Business Plan. Accordingly, we named our new Strategic Plan, which spans from 2020 to 2024, One Vision – this emphasises our desire to adopt a single vision that places sustainability at the centre.

Our beginnings

The main stages in our journey through the world of sustainability:

  • October 2016
    foundation of the Group, we started implementing a sustainability management system.
  • October 2017
    issue of the first Green Bond.
  • December 2017
    the Management Board and the Supervisory Board approve the 2017-2021 Sustainability Programme (which includes environmental, social and economic goals).
  • June 2018
    publication of the Alperia Group’s first Sustainability Report.
  • September 2019
    introduction of a sustainability policy at Group level.
  • 2019
    definition of an integrated Risk Management plan that also incorporates environmental and social risks.
  • December 2020
    sustainability issues are methodically integrated into our 2020-2024 One Vision Business Plan (including the United Nations’ SDG indicators).
  • March 2021
    achievement of carbon neutral operational emissions (Scope 1 and 2).
  • November 2021
    adherence to the Science Based Targets, with a consequent commitment to define science-aligned emission reduction targets in terms of climate change mitigation.

Focus on 2020 highlights

2020 was a particularly significant year for the Group because our latest Strategic Plan was approved up to 2024 – a plan (called One Vision) that sees strong integration and connection between sustainability goals and business growth. In addition, to emphasise how much we prioritise sustainability, 80% of planned investments are entirely dedicated to achieving ten SDGs.

The results we accomplished bear witness to our efforts, too: during 2020, we avoided 2,162 kt of CO2, we consolidated energy efficiency measures at our sites and we boosted sustainable mobility.

Our goal

The Alperia Group, already carbon neutral since 2020, will further improve its Scope 3 emissions, in order to accelerate its path to Net Zero and thus avoid over 303 additional kt of CO2 equivalent.

As further proof of their increasingly economic relevance, in 2020 our sustainable products and services amounted to 46% of our revenue.

Our sustainability plan

To define a real sustainability plan, we relied on our materiality analysis, identifying the issues that the Group considered most relevant, such as: research and development, products and services related to sustainable energy, health and safety at work, staff development, diversity and equal opportunities, water, emissions, energy consumption, cyber security, customer satisfaction, marketing and transparent communication, economic development, supplier management, asset integrity, reliable supply.

These are the key themes that permeate our five areas of action and that we employ to assess our strategy’s implementation progress. The five strategic areas of action include:

  • Territory
  • Green Mission
  • Employees
  • Development and Innovation
  • Customers