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Startup Factory
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Bolzano, South Tyrol (IT)
Annual editions starting from 2018

Start-up Factory is an acceleration programme for start-ups and internal entrepreneurship projects now in its fourth edition, which launches a contest on innovative projects in the field of energy and related sectors such as customer engagement or containing polluting emissions.

Through our know-how, resources and network we support the development of the best projects conceived and presented by Startups, SMEs, Intrepreneurs, talents and universities.

In past editions, there have been hundreds of participants among Italian and foreign startups, giving rise to a shared, stimulating and cooperative space for providing resources and know-how to develop the most revolutionary ideas.

Our goal is to find increasingly cutting-edge solutions that look to the future in accordance with an Open Innovation model in different fields of research, in line with our business strategy and market developments:

Hybrid Customer Engagement

Improving and optimising the relationship with customers through innovative and effective engagement techniques.

Smart Region

Leading the energy transition through awareness-raising processes and supporting sustainable local services (e.g. e-mobility)

Energy Communities

Creating "Energy Communities" thanks to integrated reporting systems and the availability of data for more efficient consumption.

CO₂ Management:

Creating and developing models for transforming, reducing and tracking CO consumption for greater efficiency and sustainability.

Corporate well-being

Consolidating a climate of employee well-being through defined career paths, training events and periodic feedback systems

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We are always looking for new ideas and enlightening projects!

Every year, the Startup factory reinvents itself in a new edition.
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Finding the most innovative solutions in the energy sector and stimulating research and experimentation in this field.


It’s a contest for start-ups and companies that present innovative project ideas. They are selected through a process with several stages. The finalists work together with Alperia collaborators and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Master’s Students at the University of Bozen-Bolzano to create a prototype of their idea and test its potential up to its market launch.

The results are then presented to a jury of Alperia managers, who select the winners. They will have the opportunity to launch a collaboration with us to carry out their projects for the benefit of customers and companies.


Platform for innovation and new ideas, which connects high-tech B2B start-ups with traditional companies, giving start-ups the real opportunity to test their solutions on a solid customer base.


Development, production and marketing of innovative high-tech products or solutions for safer, more sustainable and equitable growth.

Contact Information

Proposals from aspiring Alperia entrepreneurs


Period: December 2021
Goals: Creating a support network for social inclusion.
Solution adopted: a support network that enables entry to the workplace and social inclusion through training.

ContactSofia Ravanelli |  Edyna Administration 


Alperia Game Changer

Period: December 2021

Goals: optimising energy price forecasts for customers.

Solution adopted: The idea is to develop an App, namely Alperia Game Changer, that Alperia uses to provide the customer with a daily forecast of the hourly energy price for the following day.

Contact: Stefano Pernici | Alperia Greenpower Civil Engineer 


Power to Gas

Period: December 2021

Goals: Capturing and converting CO into natural gas.

Solution adopted: The CO emitted by thermal power stations could be captured and converted into natural gas using green hydrogen produced using electricity from excess renewable sources.

Contact: Patrick Hofer 


Multi-source biomass plant

Period: December 2021

Goals: Developing a new technology for biomass power plants.

Solution adopted: A combination of different technologies in series to increase the efficiency of generating electricity from biomass, which has economic advantages for the producer and achieves tradeable CO quotas.

Contact: Andrea Peterle

Hydrogen cogeneration

Period: December 2021

Goals: Combined generation of high-efficiency electrical and thermal energy

Solution adopted: Compact hydrogen turbochargers that produce a cogeneration plant powered by a hydrogen, methane and oxygen mixture.

Contact: Omar Andolfato| Alperia Senior Engineer & Project Manager



Period: December 2021

Goals: Production of green electricity thanks to water reserves.

Solution adopted: The business idea is to exploit the tanks used as water reserves during the snowmaking season, using them during the melting season to produce green electricity through water turbines.

Contact: Daniele Pilotto | Alperia Greenpower Technical Employee


Watch the future

Period: December 2021

Goals: Calculation of energy consumption and savings.

Solution adopted: The solution consists of an App for smart watches, which can calculate CO₂ emissions and savings linked to users’ activities and lifestyles.

Contact: Pietro Bertelli | Alperia Bartucci Business intelligence 


Cool Storage

Period: December 2021

Goals: Optimising self-consumption and lowering energy costs 

Solution adopted: This service uses the fridge and freezer units of commercial customers as thermal storage (without the use of traditional electrochemical). 

Contact: Marco Belloni | Alperia Engineering & Consulting


Alperia 21

Period: December 2021

Goals: Optimising district heating operations and available consumption reporting.

Solution adopted: AI solution to optimise district heating operations on the one hand and to share data with consumers in order to increase awareness of consumption.

Contact: Giorgio Dalvit | AlperiaProject Manager


Pricing optimization for prosumers

Period: December 2021

Goals: Optimisation of consumption and prices.

Solution adopted: Optimising energy prices for prosumers, based on real energy consumption and supply data.

Contact: Silvia Schmiedhofer | AlperiaProduct Manager


Alperia Metaverso

Period: December 2021

Goals: Spreading the use of Metaverso and engaging the user.

Solution adopted: METAVERSO is a gaming platform for engaging Alperia customers in the ongoing ecological transition.

Contact: Massimo Mollica | Digital & Technology System

Begey Wastewater heat recovery

Goals: Reducing heat loss in buildings and urban areas by recovering residual heat from wastewater 

Solution adopted: The temperature of wastewater is often significantly higher than that of groundwater in heat pump heating systems, and is constant overall. These conditions make the wastewater heat recovery process suitable for application to district heating systems (DHS) through the use of high-efficiency heat pumps.

Contact: Marco Bersano Begey